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Housing affordability is important for the people who live and work in our county. One of the goals of the New Hanover County Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2023 is to encourage the development of complete communities in the unincorporated county by increasing housing diversity in size and price points and access to basic goods and services. Complete communities provide a range of housing sizes and price points, employment opportunities, convenience needs, community facilities, and support services to provide access and opportunity for all New Hanover County citizens. In addition, the New Hanover County Comprehensive Plan calls for a range of housing types, opportunities, and choices to ensure that residents do not become overburdened with the costs or availability of housing.

New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington developed the Joint Workforce Housing Advisory Committee to study affordable and workforce housing, the public's perception of it, and the gaps that currently exist; and then to develop tangible recommendations for addressing this issue.

Recommendations are designed to address the community's housing needs by increasing the supply of residential units, retaining our existing affordable housing stock, and increasing residents' access to those homes. 

As the County works to address housing needs, find more information by emailing our Housing Program Manager Theo McClammy or by calling 910-798-7180.

Housing Programs

City of Wilmington's housing programs

  1. Joint City of Wilmington / New Hanover County Workforce Housing Advisory Committee

A Joint City of Wilmington, New Hanover County Workforce/Affordable Housing Ad hoc Committee was established in 2016 with a mission to recommend practices, policies, and programs to improve and increase the stock of available workforce housing in the region.

The Wilmington City Council and New Hanover County Board of Commissioners met jointly in 2019 to discuss the matter of workforce housing and the recommendations from the Ad hoc Committee's effort to identify strategies to improve workforce housing in the region. At that meeting, the City and County established a 13-member Workforce Housing Advisory Committee comprised of professionals representing the following communities: Business / Education, REALTORS®, Development, Financial, Non-Profit housing, and the Chair of the Joint Community Relations Advisory Committee.

The Committee was organized for the purpose of developing a comprehensive workforce housing study, workforce housing opinion study and public awareness campaign, support for increasing equitable access and the supply of workforce housing that is affordable; informing the Appointing Authorities and other organizations of their findings; and making recommendations, in an advisory capacity, to the Appointing Authorities and other organizations, as necessary.

The Committee was given the following duties:

  1. To procure a workforce housing study and public opinion study, and conduct a public awareness campaign on the topic of workforce housing.
  2. To recommend, in an advisory capacity, to the Appointing Authority necessary procedures, programs, or policies to promote workforce housing.
  3. To provide the appointing authorities with an annual written report or presentation.
  4. To conduct any other duties as assigned or requested by the governing Boards.

WHAC Strategic Plan

  1. Comprehensive Housing Study & Survey Release
  1. Work Plan & Annual Report
  1. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
  1. External Resources & Websites
  1. Gap Rental Assistance Pilot Program
  1. Housing Discrimination
  1. Water & Sewer Revolving Loans
  1. Theo McClammy

    Housing Program Manager

  1. Pam Robbins

    Housing Fiscal Support Specialist

  1. Katie Burket

    Housing Program Coordinator

  1. Sarah L. Sularz

    Long Range Planner - Housing