911 Records

To Submit a Request

  • Complete the 911 Records Request Form below
  • For questions about 911 Records Requests, please call 910-798-6920

911 Records Request Form

  1. Please complete the form below and be as specific as possible in your request for the 911 call recording or dispatch record. Please note: information cannot be released when it potentially jeopardizes victim safety, involves an active investigation or call in progress, or is otherwise required to be withheld in accordance with NC General Statute 132.

  2. What information are you requesting?*
  3. Include an ending time if a time span is appropriate.

  4. Any other information which my be helpful in us locating your record (i.e. parties involved, nature of the incident, phone number that was called in, etc.)

  5. Requesting Party Is*
  6. If an attorney is requesting the record, a subpoena is required in addition to or in lieu of this form.

  7. Approval*

    Chief/Lt. or above ranking officer must approve on behalf of the requesting agency.

  8. This form must be complete before staff are able to process the request. All requests will be processed in order of receipt, and we will make all reasonable efforts to fulfill your request as expeditiously as possible. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to process the request. A representative will contact you once the request is complete or if any questions arise. Email is the preferred method of delivery to fulfill 911 records requests. If email cannot be used, the records can be picked up, by appointment only, at the 911 Communications office, located at 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 185. On occasion, a small fee of $5 may be required for records requests provided on CDs. For questions or additional information, please email 911records@nhcgov.com or call (910) 798-6920.

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