GeocacheGeocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game that uses handheld GPS-enabled devices to find geocaches (containers) hidden in different locations. There are currently over 50 geocaches hidden in New Hanover County's parks locations.

Playing the Game

  1. Visit Geocaching and register for a free Basic Membership
  2. Watch the video entitled "Geocaching 101" for information on how to hide and/or seek a geocache

Geocaching in New Hanover County Parks and Gardens

NHC Parks and Gardens is pleased to support geocaching. We also recognize the need to maintain safe and aesthetically pleasing parks while protecting our county's natural resources. If you plan to hide and/or seek geocaches in our parks, please be sure to read and follow our Geocaching Policies carefully. In order to hide a cache, you must submit a Geocache Registration Form (PDF) for approval.

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