Sun, Earth, Universe

People Next to a Museum ExhibitExhibit on view: July 23, 2021 through October 24, 2021

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition is an engaging and interactive museum exhibition about Earth and space science for family audiences. Visitors will engage in fun interactive Earth and space science experiences using skills essential to STEM learning in the 21st Century that are critical to the work of NASA in advancing new discoveries about our Earth, Sun, solar system, and universe. Visitors will:

  • Collaboratively engage in scientific and engineering processes,
  • Use their natural curiosity to explore phenomena and use a variety of tools to "see" forces and electromagnetic energy invisible to our eyes,
  • Use creativity and problem-solving skills to design, build, test, and improve a model spacecraft,
  • Four People Next to BlocksUse critical and analytical thinking to examine data,
  • Examine authentic Earth and space imagery and visualizations,
  • Explore the planets of our Solar System on a 3D globe,
  • Get a glimpse into the universe through short videos in the Space Theater,
  • Examine satellite imagery of Earth that provides new perspectives of our world in the Smithsonian's Earth from Space poster exhibition and
  • Leave the exhibition understanding more about the process of exploring Earth and space and wanting to learn more.

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition was created by the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network) in collaboration with NASA. It is available in both Spanish and English.

Sun Earth UniverseView the National Informal STEM Education Network website.

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