The Hyman Guide: Everything for the Mill, August 1922


The Hyman Guide, measuring 9 3⁄16 inches by 6 1⁄16 inches and yellowed with age, is a self-described attractive house magazine of "Practical Ideas and Items for Users of Machinery". It was a monthly publication issued by Hyman Supply Company of New Bern and Wilmington, NC., sent free upon request. The magazine is approximately 30 pages which contain advertisements for "Indestructible" White Sheet Packing (New York Belting and Packing Co.); "Pioneer" Steel Hangers (Standard Pressed Steel Co.); Soule Steam Feed; Glacier Anti-Friction Metal; Graton and Knight Standardized Series Leather Belting; Oster Pipe-threading; Lath Yarn; Simonds; Jeffrey Machinery; Vulcainte Varnish; American Saw Mill and Wood Working Machinery; etc. Hyman Supply Company was a distributer all of the advertised materials. In addition, the guide contained a "Mutual Service Department" section for needed and wanted ads. The following month, November 1922 was the company's 13th anniversary publication.


The Hyman Supply Company was organized by Thomas G. Hyman (1870 to 1931) in 1902, in New Bern, NC. The Hyman Supply Co. was one of the Charter members of the Southern Industrial Supply of Charleston, SC. On June 4, 1906, the Interstate Machinery and Supply Company of Wilmington was consolidated under the name of Hyman Supply Company, and the Wilmington branch was effectively opened. At that time, the local newspaper reported the capital stock was not less than $75,000. Located at 215 N Front Street, the Hyman Supply Company appeared in local directories and newspaper articles as a premier retailer and wholesale machinery and mill supplier.

Both stores remained in operation until 1923 when the New Bern store was closed due to financial trouble and T.G. Hyman retired, leaving the Wilmington store under the direction of Mr. Joseph B. Rice, the previous Vice President. In 1944, the remaining Wilmington store, then listed at 261 N Front Street, was sold to C.M. Harrington Sr. and WG. Broadfoot, Harrington having been listed as Secretary, Treasurer, Manager under the Presidency of J.B. Rice. In 1949, a new branch was opened in Fayetteville, NC and is still in operation under the name of Diamond Hill Plywood Company. Diamond Hill Plywood purchased the original Hyman Supply Co. in December of 1975 from the Harrington family. Today, Diamond Hill Plywood is based out of Darlington, SC.

The Hyman Guide

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