Dr. Darcie’s Demonstrations

Dr. Darcies DemonstrationsDr. Darcie Roten, the Museum's resident scientist, is bringing the exciting world of science into your homes! Follow along with Dr. Darcie as she performs science demonstrations with items you can find around the house. Watch the demonstrations below and learn the fascinating science behind them.

Square Wheels

In this demonstration, Dr. Darcie shows you how it's possible for a cart to move smoothly on square wheels. The secret is all in the road!

View the Square Wheels video.

How Many Drops on a Penny

This demonstration plays with a property of water called cohesion. Dr. Darcie counts the number of water droplets that will fit on the surface of a penny. It's more than you think!

View the How Many Drops on a Penny video.

Balloon Blowup

In this demonstration, Dr. Darcie blows up a balloon without using her lungs. Find out how vinegar and baking soda mix in a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide.

View the Balloon Blowup video.

Static Electricity

This demonstration uses static electricity to make black pepper "dance". With simple household objects, you can make black pepper dance around your kitchen too!

View the Static Electricity video.

DIY Garden Compost

In this video, Dr. Darcie teaches you how to make your own compost using food scraps from your kitchen. Over time, microbes in the mixture will break down the food scraps into nutrient rich soil you can use in your garden.

View the DIY Garden Compost video.

Grow Your Own Plants

This demonstration shows you how to plant a seed and start growing your own plants.

View the Grow Your Own Plants video.