Crime Awareness & Prevention Unit

It is the goal of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Crime Awareness and Prevention Unit to reduce and prevent crime through its outreach and educational programs. Sheriff Ed McMahon's priorities are the county's children and senior citizens. We feel that education is crime prevention, The Crime Awareness and Prevention Unit strives to educate our citizens and their children to reduce their chances of being the victim of a crime.

The goal of this unit is to prevent crime by deterring those who would violate the law through highly visible proactive patrolling of the county. To accomplish these objectives deputies rapidly and prudently respond to calls for aid, conduct thorough preliminary investigations, and assist the citizens of this county with a myriad of legal, medical, social and humanitarian problems.

To obtain information on the programs below, please contact Corporal G. Moore or Sergeant W Montjoy.


R U OK Program Senior Citizens

Contacting an elderly person, homebound individual helps to reassure their well being and give them a feeling of security. The Are You OK?® telephone reassurance system eases the concern of friends and family who may find it difficult to maintain consistent, reliable contact. An 85-year-old woman wants the independence of living alone in her home along with the security of being monitored. The RUOK® system brings a sense of comfort into every subscriber's home.Each day at a pre-arranged time, RUOK® automatically makes these computerized monitoring calls inexpensively and without interruption to normal community services.

View the R U OK Program (PDF).

Rape Aggression Defense Class

This course has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities. Classes range from a minimum of nine to twelve hours plus in length, depending on the Instructor.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) is the largest network of its kind with over 11,000 Instructors receiving training in our systems to date.

RAD is the only existing program with a free lifetime return and practice policy, honored worldwide.

Community Watch

Community Watch is a program which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their neighborhoods. It involves neighbors getting to know each other and working together for the good of the community. Residents are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods. Anyone interested should fill out the form and forward to the Crime Awareness and Prevention Unit. If a program is already in place for your neighborhood, you will be put in touch with your. If your community does not have a program in place, we will provide information to you and attend a neighborhood meeting to get you started.

Business Crime Prevention

This is a program designed for retail business. It presents ways for business owners and mangers to protect themselves against loss due to crime by increasing the awareness of crimes committed against businesses and providing them with other programs directed towards business crimes.

Robbery Prevention

Seminars are given to managers and employees of retail businesses. The presentation includes information on the prevention of robberies and what they should do if they are the victims of a robbery.

Identity Theft Program

This is designed to make the public aware of identity theft and how to avoid becoming victims. It also informs them as to what to do if they become victims.

HomeLand Security

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office strives to provide and maintain a safe community for its citizens. Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001 the Sheriff's Office has taken a proactive position in keeping the citizens of New Hanover County safe from the threat of terrorism, we provide information in this program that will hopefully make you aware of action you can take to protect yourself from the threat of terrorism and other disasters.

Security Surveys

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office offers free security surveys to homeowners and businesses. A deputy will come out and inspect your home or business and recommend improvements that you can possibly make to keep you and your property safe.

Senior Safety Programs

Programs cover a variety of topics including personal safety, home security, and protection against fraud and con artists.


Take 25 National Missing Children's Day Campaign

Take 25 is a national child safety campaign encouraging parents and guardians to take time on May 25th, National Missing Children's Day, to talk to their children about ways to stay safer.National Missing Children's Day, May 25th, serves as an annual reminder to the nation to renew efforts to reunite missing children with their families, remember those who are still missing and make child protection a national priority.

Stranger Danger

This is a program that teaches our children how to be cautious of strangers and what to do if approached by a stranger. Depending on the age of the children different props/items may be used as aids (McGruff, Coloring books, etc.) to help educate them on this important topic.

Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program 

Educates our children the basic principles of gun safety

"Stop, Don't Touch, Get Away and Tell an Adult". Workbooks, videos, and Eddie Eagle himself facilitates the program. Different levels cover children from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Explorer Program

This is a program for young adults between the ages of 14 and 21. It is sponsored by The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and The Boy Scouts of America. The program has an emphasis on Law Enforcement, community involvement, and service. Members receive training, work special events, participate in community service events, and learn about law enforcement.

McGruff the Crime Dog Appearances

McGruff the crime dog makes appearances at different locations throughout the county at public events and as requested by schools. With an accompanying Deputy, he expresses that the people should do their part in "Taking A Bite Out Of Crime.

Think Smart Program

This is a cooperative effort between local law enforcement agencies and the North Carolina Department Of Correction. An approved and trained inmate from the prison unit is taken to school, church, or other community group. The inmate talks about prison life, how they became to be in prison, as well as how making better decision in life could have prevented them from being in prison.

Community Helpers Program

Introduces young children to law enforcement officers. Children are taught that law enforcement officers are their friends and that they should not be afraid of them.

School Crossing Guards

Supervision, Training and day-to day interaction with these employees. Interested in becoming a school crossing guard, should visit the Recruitment Unit page.