When do septic system permits expire?

This is a two-step process because often before buying property, individuals want to ascertain that construction and use of a septic system can be permitted on the property. First, an application is made to Public Health to conduct a site/soil evaluation of the property with at least some general idea of what the buyer or property owner plans to construct. If something other than a single-family residence is proposed, then Public Health will need to know more details in order to estimate the daily amount of wastewater a septic system must have the capacity to support. After analysis of the available space and soil characteristics, a general determination can be made with this information as to whether or not an Improvement Permit (1st step) can be issued specifically to this parcel of land. The second step, securing an Authorization to Construct can proceed when the owner can provide a detailed site plan and specifics as to how the proposed structure(s) will be used. Normally, an Improvement Permit and Construction Authorization specific to a parcel of land states the expiration as five years from the date of issue.

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