When is the Annual Required Listing Period?

The month of January is the annual required listing period. Anyone who does not list their taxable personal property (see section "What is Taxable Property") by January 31st will be charged a 10% late list fee. January 1 is the established date for determining property value and ownership. Everyone pays property taxes for the whole year based on what they own on January 1, with the exception of motor vehicles and trailers registered with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles. Vehicle taxes can be prorated when the vehicle is sold or a taxpayer moves out of state and surrenders their license plate to the NCDMV. All other taxes are not prorated or released because you relocate within or out of North Carolina or dispose of the property anytime after January 1. The full amount of tax is due for the entire year based on ownership and property value as of January 1 of the current year. You list in one county each year. If you move to another county in North Carolina after January 1, you will not file a "Property Tax Listing" form in that county until the following January.

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