Why am I being asked so many questions?

During an emergent situation, it may seem as though you are being asked several questions that to an untrained professional seem irrelevant or redundant. However, these questions are asked to help ensure we are getting you the quickest response possible and allow us to not only keep the responders updated while on the way but also help provide you with guidance on what to do until they arrive. 

911 Telecommunicators are the First, First Responders. They are all extensively trained to provide you help for your Medical, Law Enforcement, or Fire emergencies until the First Responder arrives. It's important that you know that while you are answering questions another Telecommunicator inside the same room is dispatching Fire, Law and/or EMS to your location after you have answered the first few questions during an emergent situation. All questions asked and answered after that are necessary for providing First Responders with the information, they need to assist you once they arrive at the scene.

It’s important that you answer all questions asked by your Telecommunicator as it helps us to help you.

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