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New Hanover County, North Carolina
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Sales Verification Survey

  1. This form is intended to gather accurate market data for analysis to help in the next revaluation. Be assured this will not automatically become the tax value of your property. Participation is appreciated.

  2. Was this a sale between related parties (Family or Shared Member Corporation)?*
  3. Was the property acquired as a result of a Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Online Auction, or Short Sale?*
  4. Is this property intended to be rental property?
  5. Was any Personal Property included in the sale price (i.e., furniture, boat, timber)?
  6. Was a "land trade" involved in the transaction?*
  7. Did the transaction involve a loan assumption, owner financing, or unconventional repayment?*
  8. Do you consider the Actual Sale Price to be "Fair Market Value" on the date of sale?*
  9. Did this sale involve a boat slip?*
  10. Did this sale involve multiple parcels?*
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